Terri Couture


Everything Terri Couture does, she does for the best interest of her client. This often means going above and beyond the traditional bounds of an agent. Terri inspires confidence through experience and expert level know-how, ensuring the greatest possible value can be reached for her clients.

For over 20 years, Terri’s experience and industry know-how have placed her in the top 1% of producers both in Santa Clara County and nationwide. With proven experience, a client-first approach, and a highly informed, personal, and clear communication style, it’s no surprise that hundreds of homebuyers and sellers have chosen Terri as their trusted real estate advocate.


Terri’s success can be attributed to the following guiding principles

Each client has their own needs, conditions, ideal seasons, and level of investment. The key to success is knowing what those are, which comes from years of experience and smart research.

– Terri Couture

Having True Empathy

Uncompromising Work Ethic

A Client-First Approach

Clear And Direct Communication

Choosing The Right Agent

The Bay Area is the nation’s most competitive housing market and a proving ground for the nation’s top agents.

A good real estate agent must be skilled in contracting, negotiation, and marketing. A great agent, however, goes beyond the necessary qualifications, focusing on her clients’ needs above all else. Whatever the situation, a great agent will rise to the occasion and deliver results with confidence and finesse.