Terri can quickly start showing you homes that fit your goals and needs

First Meeting

This first step is identifying your ideal home, desired locations, and setting a budget. Based on your available resources, including down payment and loan qualifications, Terri can quickly start showing you homes that fit your goals and needs.

Visit Properties

Based on feedback from the first meeting, Terri will spend time with you, showing you homes and listening to your feedback. Once a clearer picture of the type of home that best fits you emerges, Terri will continue to identify and propose great options that meet your particular needs.

Negotiation And Making Offers

Negotiating on your behalf is what truly sets Terri apart. She’s built a reputation for knowing exactly how much and when to make an offer, ensuring you get the greatest value for your money.

Having negotiated hundreds of deals successfully, you can be confident that you are being represented by a seasoned professional with your best interests in mind.

Closing And Contracting

Once your offer is accepted, Terri will guide you through the entire contracting process. Any seller concessions or special conditions will be detailed, clear, and easy to understand.

After Closing

To provide long-term value, Terri will continue to communicate with you, ensuring you are getting timely updates and relevant information. Her goal is for you to get the same exceptional, straight-forward insight when it comes to making your next real estate investment.