A Simple Guide To Selling Your Home

Signing The Listing Agreement

The listing agreement is a commitment to your agent of choice for a defined period of time. Typically, this is three months, but depending on the market conditions, time of year, and the requirements of your home, the agreement can be six months or one year.

During the agreement process, Terri will assist you with completing all disclosure obligations and setting up the necessary property inspections.

Terri recommends that her clients request a Property Inspection and Pest Inspection. Although these inspections are normally part of the buyer’s due diligence, by proactively inspecting your home prior to listing you and your agent will be better able correct any problems, determine the listing price, and mitigate against buyers “backing out” of completing the purchase due to possible issues.

Pricing Your Home

Most people know that determining the value of your property is dependent on several variables. From the time of year and condition of your home to the specific findings of the property inspections and the comparable home sales in the neighborhood, all form a larger picture that will help determine the best pricing strategy for your home.

The task can be daunting. Fortunately, Terri has a wealth of experience in determining exactly the right pricing structure that results in getting the greatest value for your home. Starting with an intuitive sense of what a home should be offered at and by leveraging market and home-specific data, Terri has been recognized by her peers as “the best in the Bay” at getting the pricing right.

Preparing Your Home

Preparing your home for sale is a critical component of getting the greatest value out of the property. Much like promoting a consumer-packaged good at a retail store, enhancing a home’s appearance to highlight the property’s best assets will let the prospective buyers physically see the value of the home. Inspiring buyers to imagine themselves living in the home starts with decluttering and deep cleaning. Removing “personal” items creates a blank canvas for the buyer’s imagination to run free. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or replacing worn carpeting is enough; other times, a full remodel is the surest way to get the greatest return on investment. In many cases, contracting a professional interior decorator to “stage” the home is recommended, as an expert eye will ensure that each room’s floorplan is being used to its maximum potential.

Marketing Your Home

In a highly competitive market, homebuyers and sellers demand a high degree of sophistication and competence from their agent, and marketing needs to reflect that same commitment to excellence.

When you work with Terri, a dedicated team of marketing professionals will design a unique campaign for your home both in traditional print mediums and digital technologies, including social media and search engine advertising. All marketing is customized to each home, capitalizing on its best qualities while setting it apart from all other homes on the market.

Negotiating And Closing The Sale

As your agent, Terri will receive all offers for your home from interested agents. She will inform you of every offer and negotiate the highest selling price possible. Once the desired offer has been received, Terri assists you with all closing paperwork needed to complete your transaction.